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InjectPro Nutrient Injection Systems
InjectPro Nutrient Injection Systems
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EPIC II intelligence gives you total control.  The brain of the InjectPRO nutrient injection system is the Electronic Proportional Injection Control (EPIC II) control panel.  Utilizing microprocessor technology, the EPIC system enables you to program exact timing cycles and precise flow-controlled application rates for totally hands-off and worry-free nutrient/chemical application. EPIC II Control Panel
The EPIC control panel is completely programmable to give you control over timing, application rate and other functions.  The system adjusts pump output to maintain a constant parts per million application rate, and also monitors irrigation system status for better water management.
Using your InjectPRO nutrient injection system is easy.  Step by step instructions are displayed on the EPIC II display screen.  You can apply chemicals according to water flow and manual operation gives you simple on/off control of your total operation.  Auto mode will operate the system for you.  The EPIC II system is password secure, so operation is limited to only authorized personnel.  The EPIC II system can handle 150+ different timing schedules.  Changing from a nutrient configuration to the pH configuration is as easy as turning a switch.
The monitoring features of the EPIC II system provide you with:
  • Gallons per minute
  • pH sensor reading through the line
  • Pump motor rpm's
  • Temperature of the pump motor and drive
  • Torque of the pump motor
  • Amp draw being used by the pump
  • Flow rate and total flow of your watering system, whether or not the injection system is in operation.
The EPIC II system can be operated remotely via radio, computer, or telephone.  In the pH mode, dual sensor readings may be monitored.  The tank level reader lets you know how much liquid has actually been used and an alarm system will let you know when the applied nutrient is nearing a preset amount.  Supply tank options are available from 20 through 600 gallons for multi-purpose use.
Going With The Flow...
InjectPRO Flow Meter The flow sensor included with every InjectPRO nutrient injection system mounts in the pipeline to measure water flow.  Changes in water flow are relayed to the EPIC system adjusting the injection rate proportionally.  EPIC II then provides instantaneous and total water flow readings, even when the injection system isn't being operated.
The Heart Of The System...
Every InjectPRO nutrient injection system includes a quality injection pump from Milton Roy.  We consider the Milton Roy pump to be the best metering injection pump available.  Milton Roy pumps inject concentrates in to the watering system with accuracy and reliability.   Milton Roy Pump Cross Section
The Teflon diaphragm separates internal workings from corrosive materials and flexes gently to move concentrated chemicals with pinpoint accuracy.  The oil bath lube for moving parts minimizes friction for long pump life.  For available pump assemblies, click here.
Complete, Uniform Mixing...
Mister Mist'r Injection Quill Every InjectPRO system includes our patented Mister Mist'r injection check valve* - one for each pumping head.  The Mister Mist'r injection quill discharges concentrated solutions in a four-directional spray in the middle of the pipeline for quick mixing and lasting suspension.
*U.S. Patent No. 4,715,393
Electronic Proportional Injection Control
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